Let "Hello DisChoco" be a distributed problem. In this problem there are 3 agents A = {A1,A2,A3} where each agent controls exactly one variable. The domain of A1 and A2 contains two values D1 = D2 = {1,2} and that of A3 contains one value D3 = {2}. There are two different constraints: the first between A1 and A2 and the second between A2 and A3. The code below is a definition of the "Hello DisChoco" using the Java code in DisChoco.

After defining our problem we can configure our solver. Thus, the problem can be solved using a specified implemented protocol (ABT in our case). After solving our problem we can get and print all statistics.

The "Hello DisChoco" problem can be coded in the XDisCSP format us follows.

After decoding the problem in the XDisCSP format, we can solve it by running the command:

java -cp dischoco.jar simulation.Run protocol problem.xml
where protocol can be for example ABT (Asynchronous BackTracking).